The Problem with “The Big Bang Theory”

This deconstruction pretty much covers everything I can’t stand about the show.

How the Tesla Model S is Made

Perfect Timing, Google...

Today’s Google Doodle certainly is politcally appropriate.

XKCD: Prometheus

Mastering CSS Layout with Flexbox

Start A Mumford Band!

My brother found this funny song on YouTube recently.

High ‘Game of Thrones’ piracy is ‘better than an Emmy,’ says Time Warner CEO

Jekyll Themes

Jekyll lacks a central theme repository like WordPress has, so I made one.

Twitter API 1.1 JavaScript Only Solution

Twitter recently turned off their old search API, which many websites had been using to build custom widgets to display the latest tweets from an account. With the API gone, all that leaves is the comparatively clunky widgets Twitter makes available on their site. It looks like there is a (slightly hacky) alternative, however.

This Is a Blog Post. It Is Not a “Blog”

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