The iPod Touch Saga

I finally got my 16GB iPod Touch yesterday, and it’s great. I had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it though. (This post was almost called “iRant about Best Buy.”)

First, I checked the local Best Buy, a mere two days after the new device was released, to see if they had it. They didn’t. A little disappointing, but no big deal, after all it had only been a couple days since the keynote.

So I started monitoring the Best Buy website, so I’d know as soon as it came in. About a week after the keynote, the site updated to show that it was available, yay! So after driving in to town, and asking asking for the device, I was told that they were sold out (if they’d ever even had it at all…). In only a few hours they were sold out. And that was the 8GB model anyway. Somewhere along the line I decided it would be better to get the 16GB.

A few days after, the Best Buy website updated again to show the 8GB model was in stock, but not the 16GB. Apparently they’re not stocking the larger model at all…

Luckily, an Apple store had opened in my state, they’ve been open for a week today, and they of course had all of the iPod models in stock. So I ended up in the car two hours both ways, on a trip to the über-cool Apple store. I got the iPod and that was that.

Oh well, I’d much rather Apple made some extra cash than Best Buy.

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