New Look, New Domain

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an actively updated personal blog. I neglected this one for a few years, despite my occasional urge to write about something that was simply too many degrees of separation away from the topics of my other blogs. I blame a mix of forgetfulness, laziness and not having the “right” format and design.

I think I finally stuck the landing with this one.

Besides the lightweight design, one of the more interesting features I put into the new theme is support for Post Formats. I’m using the Link format to create link posts in the style of Daring Fireball, coupled with Alex King’s neat plugin to make a simple UI for them.

Now for the really exciting part. I finally managed to secure after its previous owner (a distant relative I don’t know personally) let it expire. I picked it up with a little help from SnapNames and moved the blog to a shiny new subdomain at Good thing I ran that whois search on a whim, a mere week before the drop period…

Well, there you have it. A new URL, a fresh design, and hopefully a new beginning for this blog.

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