Minecraft Lighthouse

A new world (revision 19) recently went live on the Nerd.nu survival server, so I decided to do something cool and new. In addition to starting work on a “bottomless tower” (building downward instead of up) just for the novelty of it, I threw together a working lighthouse on the tiny land formation in the harbor. It has a compact 5-clock powering glowstone lamps up top, with vertical torches transmitting the signal.

Unfortunately, the circuit tends to glitch and freeze up after awhile, and the light gets stuck on or off. Fixing it requires punching out and replacing a Redstone wire, then pushing the reset button nearby. I don’t know whether this is a limitation of the server, the game, or my repeater-based clock circuit.

If you log on to the server (s.nerd.nu), you’ll find it along the brown road.

Update: You can get a closer look at the (since improved) circuit powering the lamp here.

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